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Tim Seibt

Business Development Manager


Tim has been in the industry since 2010 after completion of several IDOT QC/QA courses. Tim started as a qualified laboratory technician earning certifications in AGG, PCC, ACI, HMA and Nuclear Density. Currently, Tim is utilizing his years of previous experience in sales, marketing, and customer service, along with his knowledge of our industry, to hold the position of Business Development Manager with NASHnal Soil Testing.


Tim is responsible for researching potential projects and developing relationships, introducing NST to new clientele, and maintaining superior customer service overall. Prior to joining NST, Tim held managerial positions with several companies and was the owner-operator of his own business for 15 years. Tim has over 40 years of customer service, customer satisfaction and customer retention experience which he enthusiastically shares with all and mentors within our organization.

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