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Jeyanthi has a BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Environmental Studies. Jeyanthi has been in the construction inspection and material testing industry for over 20 years and with NST for over 8 years. Jeyanthi started as a laboratory technician and earned the necessary IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) ACI (American Concrete Institute) and NICET (National Institute of Certified Engineers and Technicians) certifications to perform Laboratory and field tests as well as to manage the projects.


Prior to joining NST, Jeyanthi worked for other consulting firms as a Laboratory technician, environmental inspector, and project engineer. Jeyanthi’s responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing proposals and cost estimates, reviewing contract documents, preparing geotechnical and material testing reports, and submitting the reports on IDOT and IMIRS, and our own web-based reporting system called elmtree. Other responsivities include managing the material testing lab, supervising junior engineers, laboratory staff, and field technicians, train field and lab technicians for the projects.

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