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With over 30 years of professional engineering experience, Umar T. Ahmad, P.E., has been providing Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Material Testing Services to the Construction Industry in the Midwest, West Coast, and New York area during these years. He has extensive experience coordinating projects related to building construction, transportation, windfarms, and infrastructure for both public (federal and state) and private clients.


Umar holds Masters Degrees in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geology and received his P.E. in 1999. Umar has provided clients with exceptional judgement and support, proving himself and his company as an invaluable resource for clients on their projects. He started NASHnal Soil Testing (NST) in 2010 as Chairman/CEO of the corporation to further his love for his profession and be able to personally help clients in a wholesome fashion, taking them through each part of the geotechnical and QA/QC engineering processes to achieve the best for his clients. He operates on value engineering principles, which are emulated not only with his conduct on all the projects he works on with clients, but also within the company he leads.


His staff can attest to his honesty and sincere involvement on each project that they work on for him. Always one for a great laugh, Umar is a jovial and family man at heart. The first four letters of NASHnal are purposefully capitalized to highlight the initials of each of his four children. When he is not busy being CEO, you will find him spending time with his family, having a nice cup of tea with his wife, doing charitable works, or watching a nice movie.

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